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Volume 44 of the Society's Proceedings is now available to members. It features a compilation of John Y. Kohl's Sunday Call Chronicle newspaper columns. You make pick up your membership copy now at the Heritage Center's front desk during regular hours (please show your membership card!) or have it autographed by Robert Wittman, Jr. at our Membership Reception for the opening of the new KNBT Gallery on October 1, 2005 at 10:100 AM. If you are unable to do either of the above. Proceedings will be mailed to you in late-October.


Proceedings enter the world of cyberspace….

The year 2004 marks the 100 th Anniversary of the Lehigh County Historical Society. Proceedings, a bi-annual publication of the Society, made its debut in 1906. The tome was a priority of our Society's founders. Scores of writers, both professional and casual, who have a passion for history, writing and expression of experience and perspective, have contributed hundreds of articles that have been informative, enlightening and educational over the years.

The 2004 celebratory year has its own inimitable style. It features the works of John Y. Kohl, who began writing his columns in the 1920s and continued into the 1960s. He had style, grace and a “pulse” on what was happening in our community, county and region. Robert H. Wittman, Jr., who laboriously researched and compiled the work of Kohl for this issue, is also a former reporter of three decades and like Kohl - has his own style, grace and a “pulse” on our area. That is the richness presented in this volume. One man from the past, who captured the essence of community during his time, whose work is now revisited and presented by one man from the present. The combined skill set of these two men from different times, but the same general place, makes for great reading in this fabulous edition.

One can envision a future time when the past will be studied via technologies yet to be created. The Society will always retain Proceedings in the format of its birth: words printed on paper. But with our website, we have an opportunity to “whet readers appetites” by presenting a chapter from Proceedings periodically on this website. Call now for a membership form and the printed version of the next issue will be made available to you in the membership package that will be sent. And though the world of cyberspace is here to stay, may we hope those who still read “the old way on printed paper” 100 years from now still have a fireplace and cozy chair to cuddle up in as they begin to indulge and savor that future issue of Proceedings.

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